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campus radio yearbook: 1969 – 1970


Jimmy Aleck
Bentley Austin
Bob Bain
Jim Berkey
"Adam West"
Neil Bolding
"Bob London"
Craig Braun (L)
Ron Butler (L)
Brian Capouch
"Brian Collins"
Al Cauble
Roy Cohen
Dan Cook
John Curtis
Ken Day
"Charlie Schwartz"
Jan Fox
[Janice Fox Yates]
Steve Garner
"Steven Moss"
Geoff Grodner
Rich Halstead
Melinda Henry
[Melinda Henry Bain]
Mike Hepner
Jerry Hilgenberg
"Jerry Hill"
Rich Hood
Tom Jamrose
Andy Jarema
"A J Duffy"
Mike Jump
Kathy Karwasinski
[Kathy Karwasinski Ross]
Debbie Kramer
Bill Kryder
Becky Long
[Becky Long Leatherbury]
Mike McCarthy
Steve Miller
Rich Platt
George Powell
Bill Rath (D)
Martha Risch
[Martha Risch Butz]
John Robinson (L)
John Ross
Larry Shutske
Terri Silverstone
Gil Sites
Mark Stephens
Don Stupica (D)
Mike Uslan
Silas Warner (D)
"S S Warner"
Bev Watson
[Bev Watson Congleton]
John Wilson (L)
Don Worsham
Chris Yarovsky (L)
[Chris Yarovsky Day]


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" " Names in quotes are air names
[ ] Names in square brackets are married/current names.
(L) following a name indicates this alumnus is lost
(D) following a name indicates this alumnus is deceased
If you have a correction to this list, please let us know.


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